Keynote Speaker: Chris Servheen

Chris Servheen retired from the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) in 2016, after 35 years of managing the now historic recovery of grizzly bears in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Chris says he retired so he could spend more time in the field camping and studying bears. “Today we have a healthy, robust population. When…

Featured Speaker: Diana Doan-Crider

Diana Doan-Crider, Ph.D., Director, Animo Partnership in Natural Resource Diana is a wildlife, range and landscape ecologist who has been studying black bears in the arid and ecologically challenging environment of northern Mexico for more than 30 years. She found that some of the typical tools or budgets of Westernized science weren’t as suitable for…

Featured Speaker: Katherine McComas

Katherine McComas, Ph.D. is a professor of communication at Cornell University, where she specializes in risk, science, and environmental communication. She also supports the university’s public engagement mission by serving as Cornell’s Vice Provost for Engagement and Land-Grant Affairs.


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